The Cedar Thieves

Music by Jason Dickinson

An acoustic Rock band from the greater Toronto area in Ontario, Canada. Fronted by Jason Dickinson.


I just have to say... I REALLY like music.  I like playing it, listening to it, and writing it.  I also love photography.  I am learning as I go, and sometimes I get lucky and capture something that just seems to pop.
So. I have uploaded my music to the web and made it available to the world. It is pretty incredible. When I was growing up, making a 4-track recording on a cassette tape was amazing. And the unit cost $500. It also sounded terrible. Now, with a laptop and some software, we are able to create whatever we hear in our heads. As long as we know what we want. So why don't you click on over to the MUSIC section to hear what I made over the last little while. I plan on releasing 4 songs at a time fairly regularly. I have the technical knowledge and the equipment to do so, so why not?



©2000 Jason Dickinson