The Cedar Thieves

Music by Jason Dickinson

An acoustic Rock band from the greater Toronto area in Ontario, Canada. Fronted by Jason Dickinson.

More photos coming too...

As I have some time in the calm of summer, I will start organizing some more photos for uploading. I really want to show you the Languedoc!

I've also been on a HUGE 70's music kick. Foreigner, Eagles, ABBA, Cheap Trick, E.L.O., Bad Company, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Journey, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Steve Miller Band, Boston, Supertramp... an on and on. I think it was the last decade of really amazing musicians.  I mean, if you wanted it to sound perfect, you had to play or sing it perfect. None of this slick editing and fixing that is done to death now.  And the records had DYNAMICS! Now it's just mastered right out of it. <sigh>


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