The Cedar Thieves

Music by Jason Dickinson

An acoustic Rock band from the greater Toronto area in Ontario, Canada. Fronted by Jason Dickinson.


I am really digging listening to vinyl again. I grew up listening to records. Lifting the tonearm, dropping the needle, hearing the crackle and ch-chk sound at the end of the side.  I listened to records so much that when I heard a particular song, my brain expected the next song even if I heard it on the radio. When CD's came around I really loved the 'random' feature. But it came at a price.  I stopped listening to whole albums. I would just jump around, or listen to my favourites and not give the other songs a chance. Granted there were years and years of records with a lot of filler.

So now I am buying records again and listening to them a side at a time. I also find that because I have to be around when the side finishes, I actually LISTEN to the music!

©2000 Jason Dickinson