The Cedar Thieves

Music by Jason Dickinson

An acoustic Rock band from the greater Toronto area in Ontario, Canada. Fronted by Jason Dickinson.

Musings ~ Music is a part of us.

I have had the great pleasure of working in a place that incorporates music into our days on a regular basis. We gather together as a group, all 800 of us, and we sing. Not everyone sings. Many do, many don't. That's not why I love it. It is quite common for people to be really self-conscious about singing in front of people, especially when they are teenagers or older. What I love is the affirmation every time the music starts that music is part of being human. It lives inside us. It can move us to feelings of great joy or terrible sadness. We don't even need to know the language. We feel what the songwriter wanted us to feel.
My favourite part of the music each day is watching the littlest beings among us. The younger these little ones are, the more they are literally moved by the music. If the song is bopping, they squirm and wriggle, and you can see a wave ripple through their ranks. They cannot help it. They are compelled to let the music guide them, move them, make them feel.
We could all learn a lot from them.

©2000 Jason Dickinson