The Cedar Thieves

Music by Jason Dickinson

An acoustic Rock band from the greater Toronto area in Ontario, Canada. Fronted by Jason Dickinson.

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The Story of Max. It's all in the timing!

So. I decided I wanted to get a new guitar to play out for live shows. I had one, but it was rather large, and made my shoulder hurt if I played it too long. I have a Larrivée guitar I have used for recording since 1999, and it sounds amazing, so I didn't want to use it for live work. I then thought it was time to go on a guitar quest. I set out early one Friday morning to go to the 12th Fret in Toronto and play a bunch. They had a few listed online that were very attractive options. I make the drive from the burbs downtown, and wouldn't you know it, the main guitar I went to play had a hold tag on it. It turns out they had just put it on minutes before I went in for some guy in Newfoundland. I was bummed. I played a bunch of others and back and forth I went. None of them grabbed me lke my current guitar did and does. So I tried the one on hold. Bad move. It sounded great. While I was playing, I overheard another gentleman talking about trading in his Larrivée guitar. The salesguy told him sales on used Larrivées was a little slow right now, and they had a bunch in already. The guy said ok, and he spent a while trying out all sorts of guitars too. I asked him at one point what he had, and he told me it was a custom Larrivée C-09 with a Florintine cutaway, and maple back and sides. BEAUTIFUL!!! He said he got it when the church he worked at was robbed one Christmas Eve. He also introduced himself as Father Max. Now I bet you are thinking he and I traded guitars or something. Nope. We both left without getting new guitars. Neither one of us found one that spoke to us. So how did I get Max? I fill in some more soon.

©2000 Jason Dickinson